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Autoaid Breakdown is a U.K Based Breakdown and Recovery service offering Roadside assistance, Recovery to a U.K Destination of your choosing, Recovery of up to 5 passengers and Recovery of an attached Caravan Even Motorbikes are covered. AutoAid insures the driver so they are covered in any car they are legally driving (rather than a named vehicle) including Classic Cars. AutoAid also ensures the policy holders spouse for no additional charge.

AutoAid Breakdown was acquired by Right Choice Insurance Brokers, along with sister brands; Auto National Rescue and Euro Rescue. AutoAid differs from our other brands, in so much that the AutoAid policy insures the individual, not a named car. This means that the individual is covered in whichever car he, or she, is legally driving in the U.K. But… it gets better.

AutoAid Breakdown also covers a policy holders husband or wife, or legally recognised Civil Partner for no additional charge. With our U.K wide Breakdown fleet extending to over 5000 vehicles nationally, we will always endeavour to reach the scene of any Breakdown as quickly as we can. We will text you the name of the local operator attending your emergency along with an Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA).

And if you aren’t even sure where you’ve broken down, don’t worry, our technology can locate you by tracking your mobile phone. Once you authorise us to track you, a map will show us the exact location of the scene of the Breakdown.

AutoAid is arranged and administered by Right Choice Insurance Brokers.

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